Walking With God In Prayer!

I woke up early this morning. After having a cup of tea with my wife and a couple pieces of toast, I went on a walk. I find it easiest to talk to God when I walk with him. Do you have a regular time of prayer?

 When Jesus taught His disciples how to pray in Matthew 6, they learned something very important. Jesus taught them that prayer is based on a filial relationship with God, and that is why He said, “Our Father.” This morning, I went on a walk with my Father. We went over my schedule, a talk I have to give later today and I also mentioned some needs for my children. It was a good walk.

 The catechism (CCC 2800) tells us that prayer takes on two fundamental dispositions:

1. The desire to become like God. Our prayer should have as it's goal, to be conformed to the image of God. That means that we are headed in the right direction as a result of prayer.

2. A humble and trusting heart that enables us to turn and become like children (Matt 11:25).

 It's going to be a good day. What does your day look like?