Great Adventure Leadership Training Day in Baton Rouge, Sept 25th!

Have you ever thought about starting a bible study in your parish? I have spoken to so many people who desired to have a study in their parish but did not know who would lead it. Oftentimes I have suggested that those who have the hunger for Scripture studies are the ones who may want to pray about starting a study.

The response that I sometimes hear is that people feel that they don't have the adequate training to start a study. I want to make you aware of some great opportunities to receive training in how to start and grow your bible study. Ascension Press is sponsoring several "Leadership Training Day's" where you can receive excellent guidance, assistance and have an opportunity to have your questions answered. Kelly Wahlquist, the director of community relations for the Great Adventure will be joined by other group specialists to instruct and assist you.

The next Leadership Training Day will be Saturday, September 25th in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. For a brochure about this training day, click here.

For a brochure of all the upcoming Leadership Training Days, click here.

Thank you for making the decision to change the world.