Welcome To Our Website!

I want to welcome you to our new website! Emily and I have divided up the burgundy tabs into the various areas that interest us and hopefully you will find them interesting too.

Under “Jeff’s Thoughts” I will post those things that caught my attention and wanted to pass on to you. The “Thankfulness Project” is a daily blog where I have challenged myself to find one thing a day that I’m thankful to God for. This is a personal discipline that I’m trying to cultivate, perhaps you would like to join me by adding your comments. Many of you know that we are Macintosh enthusiasts and love sharing ideas in “Mac Techno Tips” on how to use the computer to the glory of God. The “Pilgrimages” tab will keep you up to date on our various pilgrimages around the world.

The bottom set of burgundy tabs will cover “The Great Adventure” which is the bible study I have developed with Ascension Press for over a decade. “Twin Cities Studies” keeps you up-to-date on all my Twin City teachings through the JPII Center. “Simplicity” is one of my favorite topics to read about and put into practice. Finally, the “Catalog” tab lists several items that we have produced and where they can be ordered.

In addition you will find menu items along the top such as Emily’s page, contact information, family night and the picture gallery.