Thank You San Antonio!!

Last weekend I was blessed to spend a day with the people of San Antonio walking them through the Gospel of Matthew in a day!   The weekend began with a wonderful gathering of some of the finest people in Texas as we met to talk about the power of praise and thanksgiving.   Going over the ways to cultivate thankfulness on Friday night with a group of about 300, I recognized that before me was the very reason I give thanks daily -God has placed in my path people with a desire to conform their lives to Christ, and their passion both inspires and nourishes me.

I would like to especially thank all those who brought their gifts together to put on a fabulous and joy-filled event.   First, a very big thank you to Martha Fernandez-Sardina.   Martha is the Director of Evangelization for the Archdiocese of San Antonio, and I imagine you would be hard pressed to find a person more passionate about sharing the Gospel!   Martha you are a gift to His kingdom and I thank God for our friendship.   I would also like to thank the core team and many volunteers. Betsy, Bruny, Rosa, Angela and Kenny, your smiling faces were a pleasant welcome to all who entered and your hospitality superb. Thank you Maureen, Christine, Sandy and Marian for your help with our team and your kindness. And a big thank you to Bernard, the man who kept the show running without a hitch. You are a good man and a wonderful servant of Christ. Thank you Winnie for all your behind the scenes work. I would also like to thank all the teens who helped with snacks and meals. It was an inspiration to see you delight in your service. For any volunteers I missed, thank you for your hard work. It was an amazing two days and for that I thank you San Antonio!