Keith Moore's New CD: SOUL!

Jeff Cavins Keith Moore Soul  

As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of singer/songwriter Keith Moore. He is a true artist and a faithful brother in Christ. I want to encourage you to check out his new CD called "Soul." Earlier this year our whole family went to Israel and we overheard one of our girls singing his music as we walked around the Sea of Galilee. His music has a way of sticking in your soul.

"W. Keith Moore lives in Oxford Ms. His music embraces the southern nuances and yet it feels bigger than that. He has been writing songs since he was 14. The one thing he always writes is truth. Truth about his hopes, struggles, loves, big things, little things and other things. The Other is a big part of his journey. It is hard to separate the spiritual side of things from the physical for Keith. Some people like to call him a sort of earthy mystic. One can hear the influence of St. John of the Cross on "The Silence of You", and then notice Tolkien on "Wherever You're Going". I heard one critic say that Keith is to Americana music what U2 is to Rock-n-Roll. His passion comes across on every track. He sings as if his heart is on fire. Hopefully there will be many more albums in the future."

Click here to purchase his great music on iTunes. If you want to buy the actual CD go to