Emily Returns From Israel!

Over the summer I had the opportunity to take my family to the Holy Land with a wonderful group of 50 pilgrims. I returned with the children, while Emily remained in Israel to excavate at two archaeological sites, Kadesh and Hippos. She returned home the end of July and we were excited to have her home again. I am eager to work with Emily as she brings the field of archaeology to the Great Adventure.

Here is a photo of Emily cleaning a mosaic floor from the Byzantine Era at Hippos, near the Sea of Galilee. This excavation counts toward her degree from the University of Minnesota in Classical Archaeology.

Emily is also learning Biblical Hebrew at the U of M and may teach beginning Hebrew to those interested in the Twin City area.

There are upcoming opportunities to travel with us to the Holy Land and Greece/Turkey next year. Check out the information under Pilgrimages. Our family tour in June was so wonderful that we plan to do another family tour in the summer of 2010.