Equipped With Scripture for Daily Life Seminar

Join me Saturday, December 6, 2008 at St. Paul's Church in Sauk Centre, Minnesota as I explain how Scripture provides a map to God's plan for your life.

This day long seminar will cover the importance of Bible study in our lives, showing that when we know where we fit into the story, into God's "plan of sheer goodness," then we know how to put our faith into action.   Through learning and living our faith, we in turn teach our children and those around us how to live a life with purpose in mind, a purpose to attain holiness and heaven.   Ultimately, every human heart has a desire for God and it is God's "plan of sheer goodness" that leads us to the goal of the journey, to be partakers of His divine nature.

So, I invite you to take advantage of this day long seminar as we explore the many facets of this journey and learn how we can best equip ourselves with knowledge of Scripture and knowledge of our Catholic faith.   The seminar is FREE, yet as lunch is $5.00 and needs to be ordered, we ask that you RSVP to Kathy at 320-352-5580.   To view seminar flier with more details of talks and times, click here

Also, I will be on Relevant Radio in the Twin Cities on City Winds on Friday, November 21 at 9:30 am talking about this very topic, the importance of knowing our faith and putting it into action.