Keith Moore - One of the Great Catholic Singer/Songwriters!

Keith MooreI would like to introduce you to Keith Moore, one the great Catholic Singer/Songwriters. I met Keith about seven years ago in Nashville, TN. Keith, a close friend of Phil Keaggy's appeared on my TV show, Life on the Rock, to sing and accompany Phil. Back when we first met we spent a whole evening talking about the beauty of the Catholic Church. Little did I know that that night would have an impact on Keith's life.

About two months ago Keith called me to inform me that he had converted to the Catholic Church and was now working on his Rosary Project, a collection of earthy songs about our Heavenly Mother. I want to encourage you to go to his website and listen to his songs on the Rosary Project. I think he sounds like a Catholic Bob Dylan. His music is not only growing in popularity among Catholics but even in clubs it is penetrating the hearts of the unchurched. I really like the depth of his lyrics. Leave a comment and tell Keith what you think of his music. Enjoy!