Erin Berghouse Is Incredible!

When I speak of the music of Erin Berghouse I can sound like a fanatic. The reason is...IErin Berghouse & Jeff Cavins am one. I have been listening to Christian music for over twenty-five years, but never have I been so deeply moved by a CD as I am with "Self Surrender" by Erin Berghouse. Erin's skill in song writing and her unique sound combine to give us messages that make a difference in our daily lives. Her music inspires, heals, soothes and helps the listener discover where they are in relation to the Lord. Her lyrics are deep, probing and theologically solid. Her voice has a unique texture that conveys a vast spectrum of emotion. Her music does what music was intended to do, it glorifies the Lord and draws the listener to a place where eternal decisions are made. Erin, your gift has made an impact on my life and I'm sure that your CD will land at the top of many peoples list. I encourage all of you to go to Erin's website ( and take a listen to her music, particularly the album "Self Surrender."