Catholicism 101 at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (Hastings, MN)

cavins catholicism 101 Basics of the Catholic ChurchStarting February 1st I will be teaching "Catholicism 101: Essentials for the Journey" at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton church in Hastings, MN. I will be teaching this course at other locations, but this is the only parish still open for registration. All other parishes are full.

We will be covering ten basic teachings of Catholicism:

Lesson One: "Conversion: From Chaos to Covenant"

Lesson Two: "The Word of God: A Father Speaks To His Children"

Lesson Three: "Prayer: Let's Communicate"

Lesson Four: "The Sacraments: I Will Be With You Always"

Lesson Five: "Mass: The Center of Our Faith"

Lesson Six: "Mary, Our Mother & Advocate"

Lesson Seven: "The Papacy: The Question of Authority"

Lesson Eight: "Reconciliation: I Must Confess"

Lesson Nine: "The Liturgical Year: The Rhythm of the Church"

Lesson Ten: "The Communion of Saints: The Unity of the Family"

Each week you will receive handouts to read, you will answer some practical questions in preparation for small group discussion, then I will give a talk. Click here for all the registration information.