Emily Cavins

I had the privilege of writing the book--My Heart Is a Violin. It is the autobiography of a Holocaust survivor and talented violinist, Shony Alex Braun. I am still amazed to this day of the character and depth of this man who suffered so much in his life. I feel very honored to have worked closely with him and his wife. I find it difficult at times to read portions of this book because of the great losses he suffered, but his triumphant soul is always a source of inspiration.

I hope you find this uplifting story and inspiration for your own life. I have heard from so many people that this has been one of the most powerful stories they have ever read.

To order copies of the book go to www.shonyalexbraun.com All royalties of this book purchased through his website go directly to support Shony's widow, Shari.

Or for an autographed softcover copy by Emily, send $19.00, (includes shipping) to:

PO Box 1533, Maple Grove, MN 55311

(Please be sure to include the name of person for whom the book is to be autographed.)


Emily is completing her degree in archaeology at the University of Minnesota. Over the summer she had the opportunity to dig at two sites in Israel. Here are a few photos of her experience!

This fragment of an overhanging rim jar was found at the Kedesh excavation.

This is a marble slab engraved with a cross that marked a family burial at the site of Hippos/Sussita during the Byzantine era.

Emily helped clean and restore the mosaic around the marble slab with cross.

Cleaning mosaic floors can be fun! After scraping layers of dirt off the mosaic, there really is a pattern under it all!